A message from your Chairperson


Dear Members,

On behalf of myself and the committee, I would like to welcome you back for the forthcoming 2023/24 football season, I can only hope and pray we achieve more success this campaign than the last, but at the time of writing, with 6 players departing and only 2 recruited, I feel it could be a long season, but in Klopp we trust 😀.

As you may or may not be aware, we have implemented some significant changes regarding coach travel for the forthcoming season, this includes using a new coach company, a new pick-up point, unfortunately a fare increase, (the first in 5 years), and sometime in the very near future, an online passenger booking system. The reason for these changes are that we found more members were driving anything up to 20/ 35 miles from the South to pick the coach up at Kislingbury, than were embarking at the pick-up point in town, so the committee thought it made common sense to reinstate the MK pick up point and relinquish the pick-up point in town, so our apologies to the members affected by this decision.

The new coach company operates a cashless system, so we are asking members to pay fares by bank transfer into the club account, Liverpool FC Supporters Club A/C 20453072, Sort 20-61-51, in advance if possible, as we must pay for the coach 30 days prior to the fixture. As previously mentioned, we have had to increase fares slightly this season, the new rates being £25 for members, and non-members now paying £30, junior members will still pay £15 whilst non-members will pay £20.

At the time of writing an online passenger booking system is being set up, and members will be informed as and when it is operational, this not only to modernise the way in which we operate, but to alleviate messages made to Niki and myself at the most unsociable hours, for instance I've had txt messages and e mails sent at 23.55 hrs on a Friday night, 23.45 on Sunday night, 02.30 in the morning, and the club phone rang at 21.15 on Sunday evening ,to mention just a few, and there is only one organisation that I know of that operates at these hours, and that is the emergency services, so I implore you, if you have to message or phone us, please consult your timepiece first. If any of our members with season tickets or LFC memberships, who would like to add any names of our membership to their Friends and Family lists, Niki or I would be happy to assist with this, but this exercise must be completed by the August 30th.

Lastly, I would like to thank you all, for the collection you made for the committee and I, on the coach at the final game of last season, I was humbled by this gesture, and as promised I bought the committee a drink at our AGM held on the 29/06/23, but I have to admit that I deviated from the other pledge that I made, that the remainder of the money I would donate to the foodbank in Liverpool that we support, Instead I was watching Breakfast tv on the Monday morning after the Villa game, and saw that our ex player and captain Graeme Souness was intending to swim the English channel on behalf of the charity DEBRA, who support people and one young girl in particular who are living with the genetic skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), so I topped up the donation myself and donated £50 on behalf of our club, I hope this meets with your approval, if any members were not present on that journey and would still like to donate, donations can still be made to Graeme Souness swimming the Channel for DEBRA, and currently they have raised £1,377,277.02.


Here’s hoping for a successful season, Steve Carter (Chairperson) on behalf of your committee.


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