A message from your Chairman


Dear Members,
On behalf of myself and the committee, I would like to welcome you back for the forthcoming 2021/22 football season, and sincerely hope that you and your families have come through the recent pandemic in the best of health.

As you are well aware the covid virus is still with us and some of you are no doubt dubious about travelling to and attending football matches, I for one fall into that category. We are once again running coaches for home matches, and we have been given some advice on the wearing of face masks by Hunters, our coach company and by Stafford services (North). Hunters, as a condition of hire, request that we wear face masks whilst travelling on board the coach, to protect the driver, and each other, because we are from multiple households. Stafford services would like us to wear them, but it is not mandatory, they suggest we might want to wear them in toilet areas, because of close proximity to others and because of hand driers etc.  Obviously, how you enter the ground and watch the game is entirely up to the individual's discretion, at this point we have not had any guidance from the Football Club, but as you are probably aware, there have been issues with gaining entry to the ground at the 2 pre-season friendlies, so you might want to think about approaching the turnstiles earlier than normal.

As long-term members are aware, our present committee was set up when Gillian and Alison decided to step down in 2018, we need now for members to either re-elect the present committee, or decide to formulate an AGM to elect a new committee, this will be completed via a ballot paper which will be distributed to members on the coach during the first few games of the season. The present committee members who are listed on the ballot paper have indicated to me that they are willing to continue in their present roles.

For the coming season we have seen minimal price rises, in both coach hire, and for the toll road, but we have decided to keep coach fares for members and non-members as existing, for the time being, which we find is more than competitive compared with other supporters' clubs. This season we will be losing the revenue from members who held club season tickets and who did not travel on the coach, which amounts to nearly £1500.00. We will also see a reduction in memberships as LFC have tightened the ruling on the transfer of tickets between supporters. This season we can only accept coach fares in the form of cash or payment directly into the club bank account. (Barclays: 20-61-51, A/C 20453072) this is due to the local branch to myself and Niki closing down and making deposits of cheques no longer a feasible option, sorry for any inconvenience.

The supporters club occasionally get up to 2 tickets for away matches, these used to be offered to members who were in possession of a club season ticket, via a ballot on board the coach, as this is no longer the case, ref:- club season tickets, tickets will now be offered to members via an on board ballot, who have 3 or more years continuous membership, and who do not qualify on their own merit, the member must also be travelling on the coach on the day of the ballot and must be able to pay for said ticket at the time of the draw. These tickets are not transferable, and any member unable to attend the game must offer it to the next person on the list, failure to do so will result in that member being excluded from any further ballots.

And finally, I end this letter on a somewhat downbeat topic. During the last campaign, swearing on board the coach by a minority of members, caused an issue for other members. Firstly, 2 members who were travelling with us for the first time asked to move seats before the coach had arrived at Stafford services, because of the continuous use of the “C” word, which is totally unacceptable. I wasn’t present on the coach that day, but was having to deal with phone calls from disgruntled passengers, which is rather unfair on me, the second case was with a family of four who were subject to continual swearing on the return journey from a match, so thus cancelling their reservation for the next game, which resulted in the club losing £95.00. We can ill afford to let this happen again, with the minority spoiling coach travel for the majority, so the committee have decided that persistent offenders will be kindly asked to make their own travel arrangements for future games.

Here’s hoping we have a successful season, and hope to see you all on board the coach soon.


Steve Carter (Chairperson) on behalf of your committee.